Our Mission...

"Biplanes.....outrageous fun since 1903."  That quote really defines what the Florida Antique Biplane Association (FABA) is all about.  Our members are dedicated to preserving pre-1950 Biplanes, while aviating around the gorgeous state of Florida to fly-ins hosted by fellow members.

Our FABA Fly-in season starts in October and concludes before the   Florida thunderstorm season kicks in.  Each month, through May, one of our members hosts a fly-in at often unique destination airports, many times a private grass strips perfect for our vintage craft.

If you are interested in joining us in this adventure and own a vintage Biplane, please click the "JOIN" button above and you will receive a membership package, and then it will be time to FLY!  Remember, the first plane WAS a Biplane...

Our Officers...

Tim Kirby-President

Lyle Robertson-VP 

Carolyn Myers-Treasurer 

David Gay-Director 

Larry Robinson-Director

Bryan Miller-Executive Director,     Email:  bryandmiller1@gmail.com